2015 so far . . .

When the year began, I was looking forward to a continuation of life as I had known it for the last 60 years or so. It was not to be. The death of my beloved wife Elizabeth on Friday, February 13, left me bereft of the best half of me.
Elizabeth was five years older than me, and we always felt that was a crucial difference in our marriage. Events that I was just experiencing she had already experienced, and she was able to save me from making some dreadful mistakes in coping with life because of her own knowledge. It was a relationship that worked well at all levels, and though I cannot say we never had our differences, we were always open and transparent with each other in matters of the heart and our emotional lives.
As I went to the bank today to see to the transfer of her accounts to me, and the closing of her Visa and other financial matters, I was struck how little bits of plastic with our names and numbers on them played such an important role in making things happen.
At the last, when Elizabeth could not walk and was completely dependent on me, I was truly grateful that one of the things she always impressed on me was to make friends of my children. Without their support in her last days, I simply do not know how I could have managed. I had always tried, during my working life, to put my family first, my career second. I was never more aware of how that approach paid emotional dividends too rich to describe. Like most men, I always felt the concept of “family”was important–but secondary in life–or if not secondary, at least somewhat removed from the reality of working to support a fairly large family. It was my wife who directed the family, and kept me aware of it as we grew in our relationship. Her insights and abilities kept me from allowing testosterone to rule my life.