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As someone new to websites, I was amused to note that in making updates to what I publish here, there are two entries next to each other, one in red ink. The first entry, the one on the right invites you to “Update”. The second, on the left, outlined in red, says “Move to Trash”. Whoever created this website program must have had a serious sense of humor, because so often the written word goes quickly from Input to Trash–hence the title of this comment–Garbage In/Garbage Out.

Welcome to my website

I’m 82 years old. I’ve been a writer all my working life, although I’m retired now. I’m not a creative writer (although I’ve had my moments). I’m what used to be called a “scribe”. I’m good with words, and putting the thoughts of others into coherent form. Most of my working life was spent in the corporate environment, fashioning speeches, press releases, marketing literature, scripts and audio-visual material for a whole host of clients (see my detailed biography in profile)–all of whom came to appreciate my talents in “making the rough places  plain.”

I did write other things for myself, but never had the time or opportunity to publish them. That’s not strictly true. I did try to get some of my work published, but no publisher felt like taking a chance on it. Now, however, the publishing landscape has so changed I have decided to try publishing my work here. When I looked at what others were doing, I realized my stuff was just as good as theirs, but for some reason or other I never clicked with a publisher willing to take a chance on me. Now, through the web, that’s all changed. I hope I can offer some enlightenment to those of you who read.

As I look back on it from the lofty position of age, I see my life as having distinct stages which I call early youth, adult maturity, and gradual growth. Like all life, mine has been a conflict (not really the right word), let’s say a clash between rational and emotional thought. If you go on to read more of what I’ve written over the years you’ll realize that the rational side of me is reflected in my work “Soundings”. These are insights, sometimes hard-won, I was able to voice as I grew from year to year throughout my life. The emotional side of me is reflected in “Closer to the Flame”–poetry I have written over a long period of time and which truly pictures my inner life.

I still get important insights from time to time, and when I do I encapsulate them, and add them to Soundings. My poetic life today is largely appreciation of what others have done or are doing. But there’s still lots of fire in the belly. I follow politics closely, and the antics of the trained seals who sit in our houses of parliament (civic, provincial, and federal) never cease to cause comments from me. Mostly bw (before web) I fumigated in silence, or vented to my long-time friend Harold Morrison (who also has a website called “Harold Says”). But since the web has made possible social interaction with groups of people who are for or against various political actions I have found satisfaction in allying myself with them.

I also still try to influence the direction of life for us all by writing to and commenting on the actions of politicians, which is why I have two sections in my blog, one called “Causes” and the other called “Politics”. As I continue to develop this site I will add other categories as they occur to me, or when I think I need to. It’s a start, and I feel like starting again!